2016 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Trends Pt.1

Trends for 2016 Wedding Bouquet to Try Now

When you think of Spring, what is one of the first things that come to mind? For us, it’s flowers! As we ring in the 2016 spring season, more and more couples are choosing take advantage of beautiful spring season and incredible landscapes in Colorado to share their vows. To add the natural beauty of spring in Colorado, let’s take some time to today to talk about your wedding bouquet.

Floral Bouquets

There are lots of wedding floral trends going on this year, so we have split the discussion into two parts. Read on for part 1!

Locally-Grown Seasonal Blooms

Locally-grown seasonal blooms are becoming “new” fashion favorites. Seasonal blooms with a foraged, wild, woodland aesthetic are so popular now. Style-savvy and eco-conscious couples opt for this option. The idea is to reflect the region, season and growing zone of your location. More and more – wild, woodland-inspired bouquets with lush ferns, greens and foraged branches, in particular, are being requested. How gorgeous is that?

Bouquets with Bulk

To add on to the foraged, wild look – bouquets with bulk are in! Fewer florals and more greens are a popular take that many brides are opting for this season. The goal is to achieve shapes that take a “freshly gathered from the garden” look that stretches out horizontally. One of our favorite looks is the “we just swooped through the meadow and grabbed this armful of flowers” look. How about you? These forms offer visually attractive lines defined by arching branches, and unusual vines and foliage that cascade to one or both sides.

Vintage Vibe

Nowadays, brides are seeking for a vintage vibe or elevated farm-fresh look for florals. For your centerpieces, this can be achieved with unique vases, such as mercury glass and mismatched antique vessels. For your bouquet, try wrapping the stems in richer textiles and accessories that come with more bling and less burlap.
Rustic wedding bouquet

Old-fashioned Flowers

We’re also seeing the return of old-fashioned flowers. Classic varieties such as Dahlias and Chrysanthemums are back. But truly, were they ever gone? New varieties of Chrysanthemums – in pastel palettes – such as ‘Seaton’s J’Dore’ and ‘Apricot Courtier’ are starring in bridal bouquets; as are frilly scented heirloom carnations, long-stemmed English sweet peas, and ruffly double Zindarella zinnias. Indeed, these new varieties with unusual shapes and forms in beautifully, subtle hues are in fact “old” heirloom species that small-scale flower farms are trying to rescue and reintroduce to designers and brides alike.

Want to know more about the big bouquet trends for 2016? More next week!

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