2016 Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Trends Pt.2

The Floral Focus of Any Wedding Day

The bridal bouquet is the floral focus of any wedding day. It is often the deciding influence on all other wedding flowers: Buttonholes, Bridesmaids’ Bouquets, Corsages, and Centerpieces. Check out more 2016 bouquet & floral arrangement trends.

Wedding Floral Arrangements in 2016

These days you can customize your bridal look to the very finest details -the bouquet is one of those pieces that can help a bride make a personalized statement. Find more about the current floral arrangement for this year.

Bouquet trends for 2016

Blush and Berry

Rather than a simple pastel pink palette, the bouquets are including more soft peachy pinks hues, which add additional complexity and depth -. Also, the blush is being paired with moodier, and deeper colors. Berry toned blooms, darker foliage, and earthy merlot-browns are welcome too. Plus, Blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are unexpected wow elements in your Bridal Bouquet.

Foliage Focused Backdrops

Foliage weddings bouquets are not only a chic and organic look for your wedding, but they are also budget friendly. We recommend Mediterranean favorite like olive branches, eucalyptus, and succulents are a great way to spread your flower budget! Also, creative use of vines, branches, and leaves to make beautiful backdrops for ceremony sites. Keep it simple and let the leaves do the talking.

Wearable Floral Accessories

This year extra large floral crowns are no longer in vogue, rather floral headpieces and subtle vines are woven into the wedding day hairstyles are in now. Flower wearables will continue to turn heads. You can be creative with the use of flowers and succulents in accessories – specifically necklaces, rings, and floral bangle bracelets instead of traditional wrist corsages.

Classic bridal bouquet with splash of color

Long, Layered Ribbon Accents

Long, fluttery ribbons flowing from bridal bouquets, are on demand. Plus, multiple layers in complementary colors are being used this year.

Foodie-Inspired Designs

Fruits, herbs nd other edibles will continue to complement the current floral designs. Another tendency is to infuse unique fragrances and textures into bouquets. Look for fruiting vines like thorn-less blackberry, actual fruit such as pears and pomegranates, plus other nontraditional yet floral edible elements to make their way into ”Haute” design and foodie-focused wedding florals.

All in all, the right mix of style and simplicity will be the cornerstone of fabulous wedding floral arrangements in 2016.

What’s your favorite one?

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