3 decisions to help you achieve your perfect event

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Decision making is, if not the most important, one of the most important things in life. However, deciding can be hard for us when we want everything to be perfect. This reality becomes even more obvious when the decision making has to do with something as important as a wedding or big corporate event corporate event.

Since life is full of options and possibilities, when it comes to important events, decision making can be very stressful. Since we understand this very well, we are going to give you some advises to help you with your decision making and how to make them a reality.

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Plan, plan, plan

Setting yourself deadlines will allow you to set your priorities clearly, and at the same time will show you the things that aren’t that important. So, find a way of working out your priorities with enough time in advance. If you pretend to be able to go through every little thing at the same time you’ll go crazy…and the people around you will go crazy as well! The key is to keep your goals clear an
d not to over complicate your priorities. Finally, try to give same amounts of time to each of the decisions you will be making.

Don’t overload

It’s okay to make extra efforts in terms of dedication and applying yourself with more detail and focus. However, you need to keep a balance with the rest of your life, or else you won’t get a lot further. The amount of decisions you can cope with depends entirely on you, and since everyone is different the key is for you to set the proper or ideal volume you think you can handle. Try not to overestimate yourself because you can end up regretting it big time. Remember, a little stress will help you get loose your capacities. But if you exceed your capacities you will end up with an overload of stress that is not good for your health and could be the party pooper. Keeping the balance is certainly not easy but perhaps knowing that progressive decision making in a constant way, and not losing your goals will help you handle the details and making the right decisions on every aspect of your event.

Team work

This is key! Some people naturally look for help when it comes to decision making regarding an important events. But if tend to be a perfectionist as myself, delegating can be very hard. The thing is, you cannot do everything by yourself. We know even planning with others can be thought as a waste of valuable time, but trust us, you must work along with the experts on the different areas and let them do what they dedicate themselves to do in life. Especially in terms of organization. This will allow you decide on the fun stuff like the overall look and feel you want for your event. Or perhaps even learn more about event organization. The key is to let loose and not try to control everything. Sure nobody will do things as you would, but you have to keep in mind that your top priority is to actually enjoy the event.


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