3 Tips for Decorating Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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Turkey Day is on the way, and you want the house to feel warm and welcoming. This time of year, it’s hard to enter a store without seeing loads of orange and yellow decor lining the aisles. You could certainly grab a few stuffed pumpkins and throw down a leafy print table cloth, but why go with predictable when you can add your own element of style to your home? With a few simple tips, you can bring the outdoors in and display the beauty of nature along with the beauty of the season’s harvest.

Thanksgiving decorations,1. Choose naturally occurring elements. While a stuffed pumpkin can be cute for a kids’ table, the grown-ups will appreciate the real thing. Find a selection of sizes, colors, and varieties of pumpkins and squashes. Part of the enjoyment of the season is season’s bounty. Display them with a couple of varying sizes of baskets on the kitchen counter, arranged down the center of the dining table or even on a side table or buffet.

2. Vary the size and height of your natural elements. Don’t throw every dead branch on the fire. Some interestingly shaped branches can make a great base for creating a mantel display. Try tying together a few twigs and branches with a wide burlap ribbon. Add a pop of color to the bow like a twig of berries or a stem of brightly colored leaves. The idea is to tie in the beauty of nature with your decor.

Fall entertaining menu,3. Don’t focus on the dining table only. Add a touch of natural all around the house. Give your mantel a makeover with a tall vase at one end filled with dried branches and some seasonal blooms. Spread some of your mini-pumpkins along the mantel and intermix with candles on bases of varying heights. Give your buffet table a little attention, and don’t forget the door!

Spice up your Thanksgiving decor with these simple tips to help you bring some of the season’s beauty indoors.

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