4 Things Every Outdoor Party Needs

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Outdoor event planning

Planning an outdoor event in Colorado

Cab tables with matching linen are perfect for an outdoor event.

We’ve been in the event and party planning business for quite some time, so we’ve pretty much seen it all. We’re moving into the season for outdoor events and parties, so let’s do a quick checklist with some of the big items that you’ll need to account for when you plan an outdoor event in Colorado.

Cover up your guests

It may be warm, but this is Colorado, and the weather could turn on you at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re in a garden, public park, or another outdoor location, make sure that you have accounted for party tents or awnings to provide your guests some shelter in case a rogue rain cloud crashes your party. On the other hand, if there isn’t a cloud in the sky and the sun is beating down, your guests will appreciate a little shade.

Cover up your food

A beautiful buffet table won’t look so appetizing after an hour in the sun, nor will it look great soaked in the rain. If you are arranging for some awnings and pop-up tents for your guests, make sure you also rent some cover for your buffet table. Make sure it’s big enough that guests are also protected from rain or shine as they are filling their plates.

Heaters and fire pits for outdoor events in Colorado

We’ve got a variety of fire pits and heaters to match the decor of your outdoor event.

Enough tables and chairs

Outdoor events are perfect for keeping it fairly loose and casual, allowing your guests to roam and mingle with every other guest. However, at some point, they’re going to want to sit down, and unless you only have finger foods on your buffet table, you’ll want tables for your guests to put down their plates. Having matching tables and chairs will make your party more visually pleasing. We’ve got an extensive collection of tables and chair to match every style of event. We can decorate with country casual picnic tables and benches, or we can fancy up your outdoor event with round, linen-covered tables.

Keeping warm

For an outdoor event that spans from day to night, be prepared for a drop in temperature. Renting space heaters and having them around your event will keep your guests comfortable.

Friendly competition

From family reunions to corporate team building events, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Talk to us about renting concessions and games for your next event. Games and competition are often what will bring us closer and help create lasting memories.

Rent games for outdoor events in Colorado

We’ve got games to bring a little friendly competition to your next outdoor event.

Get help organizing your next outdoor event

At Colorado Party Rentals, we love putting together outdoor events. We’ll help you choose the right products to match every theme and every type of event.

Give us a call with your ideas.

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