6 Perfect Wine and Cheese Pairings To Impress The Pickiest Guest

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Tis the season for holiday parties and Christmas open houses!  Whether hosting or attending, know the best wine and cheese pairings to bring the hostess or to impress your guests. Colorado Party Rentals in Denver gives the best wine and cheese compliments. The sommelier and cheese experts advice is ‘It if grows together, it goes together’. Use the guide below to pick what to serve at your next holiday event. With any cheese, removing them from the refrigerator at least 45 minutes prior to serving will help release flavor and aroma!

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Bubbles and Camembert

Any sparkling wine or champagne would pair beautifully with Brie or camembert cheese. The salty, mushroom edge of the cheese is a perfect combo with the sparkly beverage.

Chardonnay and Compte

Chardonnay hosts a creamy tropical note which pairs well with the semi-firm cow’s milk cheese. The cheese has a slightly sweet flavor that compliments the white wine.

Pinot Grigio and Fontina

Fontina is known as the ‘other Brie’, it is a creamy Italian substitute for brie. Pinot Grigio has a light tropical, floral note and pairs perfectly with the creamy, earthy cheese without feeling too heavy. Take this pair ot a new level by using Granny Smith apple slices as ‘crackers’ to bring a bolder contrast between the fruity and earthy flavors.

Dry Riesling and Goat Cheese

Riesling is a high acid wine with a light, fresh flavor and goes well with a soft tangy goat cheese. Goat cheese comes in many flavors, and whether berry infused, herbed or plain, this will be a winning combination for any event!

Dry Rose and Cheddar

Crisp fresh floral scents of the dry rose whine balance the sharp, slightly sweet edge of cheddar cheese. An aged cheddar with a more crumbly texture will be the perfect partner for the blush wine.

Malbec and Gruyere

Most Malbec’s are dominated by big, bold flavors with plum and cherry undertones. The intense aromatic cheese of Gruyere stands up to the fruitiness and marries the two flavors beautifully.

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