Best Wedding Theme Ideas

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Setting up a particular theme for your wedding makes it easier to pick flowers, invitations, color palette, menu, music, and more.

Most clients want to know how they can make their wedding different from all of the rest, especially if close friends are getting married around the same time. The key to successfully personalizing your nuptials is to bring in something that will remind people of you. It can be the color you love to wear, a special song, or even food.

lego wedding themeIncorporating your favorite things as a couple is great. From Harry Potter to Legos, it all can serve as a fabulous theme if you add the proper ingredients. It is not about picking a motif out of nowhere just for the sake of throwing an unbelievable party. If you do so, it won’t feel authentic, and you may regret it decades from now. Just be yourself and give fun twists to your personality as a couple.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Vintage weddings never go out of fashion. There is always a new way to put everything together and make it feel unique and original. Whether you enjoy 1930s Art Deco and Great Gatsby-style luxury, or favor a more homespun 1940s look, Vintage nuptials themes always look great.

Another great thing about vintage weddings is the good music. You can even make recordings of your favorite golden oldies and put them on flash drives to hand out to guests. This can help the vintage atmosphere extend far beyond the last dance.vintage weeding theme


Contemporary Wedding Theme

You can also choose to go with a more current theme. From modern wedding invitations to modern wedding cakes, every detail counts when you want to pull off a contemporary style for your wedding.

A contemporary wedding ceremony should scream “right now!” Smooth lines, bright colors, clean designs, dramatic uplighting, and décor dripping in crystals are all staples at modern weddings.

Some other trendy themes for 2016 are Bohemian, Greenery, Twilight, Fairytale, Pastel, andGarden.

modern weeding theme

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