Choosing the right venue for your dreamed wedding

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The most important thing after saying “I Do”congratulations

Congratulations, you’ve got engaged! Now, after this exciting day, one of the first things that you and your fiancé need to do, is to choose the special place where you will be tying the knot!  Although this sounds like an easy task, there are many factors to take into consideration before you go and book that place you wanted since your teen years.

At Colorado Party Rentals we have Wedding Specialists that will help you through the entire planning process before that special day. We also have all the rental equipment necessary for your big day: tables, chairs, linens, china & silverware, centerpieces, tents, dance floors and especially, the decoration that you want!  Let our specialists take care of your wedding planning, so all you need to do is have fun!



Things to consider

Even though our wedding specialists will help and advise you with every detail of the planning, it is important to keep these few things in mind when it comes to selecting your wedding venue:

  • Party Tent at nightIt would be a lot easier if you have a guest list ready before choosing the place. Although it will be very difficult for you to have an exact headcount of guests shortly after getting engaged, a rough estimate will do.  This will help you select and discard different options.
  • Even if you don’t have an exact date yet, you can have a clear idea of the season that is going to be.  This will also help to focus on the venues that are suitable for that time of year and that can accommodate the number of guests you want.

Remember, you will not be alone on this task if you book our services.  Our specialists will make sure all the details are covered for you to be able to make the right choice.

We have also partnered with different venues across Colorado, to make it easier for you to find a place!

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At COLORADO PARTY RENTALS we love weddings, big or small.  Our dedicated staff is meticulous when it comes to detail and nothing will be missed if you plan your wedding with us! You will not only save yourself time and money, but will also allow yourself the freedom to enjoy with your big day rather than worrying about having overlooked small details. And besides your peace of mind, we can also provide all the lines, stemware, silver ware, tables, chairs, tents, decoration, lightingeverything you need! No task or request is too small, book us today so we can start creating your dreamed wedding day!

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