Choosing the right wedding rentals and accessories

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When we talk about a wedding, immediately we think about a celebration! Marriage is a fundamental part of our lives. It all starts with a decision to stay with one person for the rest of your life, and THAT calls for a party. You have much to consider – food, wine, and invitations. You search for the right venue, decór, and team of vendors. Your choice of tables, seating, bar service table tops and other reception details will play a vital role in your wedding theme and style.

Here are six great tips that can help you choose the best table settings, seating and extra accessories for your wedding:

1. Consider Theme, Color Scheme and Style:

If you will have a themed wedding, you need everything to suit that theme. You will need to look for rentals that fit and enhance that theme.  It’s important to also consider your style. You want this celebration to reflect you!

2. Location and Venue:

The particular location for your wedding also influences the seating and accessories you will need. For example, a beach or an island may require waterproof and rigid furniture, so that it doesn’t get wet or moisture of the seashore.

Hosting your party at a hotel, farmhouse, or in your home will also dictate the type of rentals you need.

Brooke and Nick - Print 175cab table

3. Comfort:

Your choice of seating should provide comfort to the guests. There is nothing worse than uncomfortable chairs. It can irritate the guests and will leave people with a negative impression. The seating should have cushioned and springy seats.

4. Basic Requirements:

Make sure you have all the essential items like chairs, tables, lounges and stools, and any other you may need.

5. Good Quality:

Quality adds a classy look to your event. You should choose furniture that offers high quality and elegant designs to accommodate your occasion.

6. Trending:

Your wedding rentals should provide glamour and style. Check out the latest trends for your wedding season and choose what is in fashion.

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