How to Plan Your First Successful Fundraising Event

Proper Planning for a Successful Event

You have the cause, the idea, and enthusiasm to run an event to raise money for your nonprofit. Here are some good practices that will help you plan a successful fundraising event in Denver.

, plan a successful fundraising event in DenverSteps to a Successful Fundraising Event

To help you ensure that your fundraising event is a winner, here are some best practices.

Plan well ahead of time – six months ahead of time, so you have freedom to line up the key ingredients for your first event.

What type of event will you hold? You want to have fun and draw lots of people. Remember to keep the type of event you choose engaging. Think of events people would want share with the people in their networks. The main draw is fun, so keep your audience in mind when you are making the decision.

When and where will you hold your event? The location is also an important thing to think about, as the venue helps get people excited about your fundraiser.

Who can you get to sponsor your event? Start with your company and local businesses, and ask your registrants if their organizations want to get involved. Also, reach out to local restaurants for gift cards or food donations.

Fundraiser Tent Rentals in Denver AreaAre you going to need prizes? YES! Prizes are almost as relevant as the venue. People truly look forward to not only donating to a great cause but maybe winning something as well. Prizes and cool interactive experiences get people excited and donating more money. Be creative and customize the prizes towards your cause.

Is there going to be food? People love to eat and will always remember a good dinner. Local area restaurants are perfect candidates to cater your event. This is an excellent way to get them some free publicity.

Will you need volunteers? Volunteers are essential and will save you money. Reach out to colleagues, family members, and friends. Make sure you use social media to reach out to not only your contacts but to leverage their connections, too. Look forward to laying the largest net you can and make sure to inform people of the cause and ask for help.

Your first non-profit fundraising event is both an exciting and overwhelming time. Start your planning process well ahead of time and keep your event fun. Remember: we all love a great venue, great food, and prizes!

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