How to use lighting on your wedding: Learn a few tips

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When it comes to wedding decor, most people will first think about colors, linens, flowers, and other important elements. However, there is one element to decor that many may not think about, and yet can prove to be the element that can have the biggest effect on a space…and no, the answer is not whether the drapes match the carpet. The correct answer is: lighting.

You want your wedding to be visually appealing, and light is the only way you’re actually going to see any of the other beautiful elements in place.

Use mood lighting to create a luxurious effect. What can you draw attention to with light? Look at the different textures, the surroundings, and the decoration. Up lighting can add personality to these elements, or purposefully-directed overhead lighting can draw focus to the best elements in your space. If your events are during the day, take advantage of natural lighting where you can, but look for any areas that may be hidden or lost in the ambient lighting. Find a way to add a personal touch.

Wedding table with takeaway gifts
Highlight focus areas with light. You want your guest’s attention towards all of the details. So ditch the florescent lighting and get creative. For example you can flank your ceremony location with lighting to add drama to photos and add visual appeal to your vows. If your cake or dessert table is a masterpiece, make sure it’s lit like art in a gallery. Or if you want your sweetheart table to be the center of the action, make sure that’s apparent with special lighting that draws the eye to you throughout the evening.

Rectangular tableWhatever you might want think carefully before you decide. It’s always best to ask the specialists for they will help you with the technicalities. Have your wedding planner help you with the overall look and feel. Your planner along with the rental specialists will manage every detail to get you exactly what you want.


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