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White is still the predominant color of choice for most weddings. We are, however, getting more and more adventurous in our wedding themes and styles. Choosing the perfect accent color for your wedding is one of the most important steps in planning a wedding. The color palette you choose is going to help you with every other planning and decorating aspect. Here are a few tips to helping you find your wedding color palette.

Adding color to a white wedding

Finding wedding color palette

Draw inspiration from the venue and nature.
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A white wedding is never entirely white. Contrasting colors and accent colors are always needed to add a bit of nuance and texture to your wedding. But, since everything goes with white, narrowing down your colors can seem overwhelming.

Take Inspiration From the Venue

The first step is to look at the venue. What does the venue offer regarding style and architecture and colors? And, how can you incorporate those colors into your wedding? Look at the floor, the walls, and the decor. Look at the types of materials that are used, like hardwood floors, or metal light fixtures. Even if you don’t choose these colors to play a bigger part in your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that the colors that you do choose don’t clash. If the venue is simply white and a total blank canvas for you to create your dream wedding, then you’ll need to look for other inspiration to help you find the right colors.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Colorado has an abundance of nature and breathtaking views to draw inspiration from. But, to narrow down your choice, simply look out the windows of your wedding venue. If you choose colors from nature, be careful not to choose a dominant color that will become too prominent and overwhelming. If you choose green to accent your white wedding inside the venue. Keep it simple and subtle. But, try to choose a few of the more subtle colors that you see, and then draw those colors inside. This will also make your venue feel bigger, as you start to blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

Take inspiration from the seasons

Wedding color inspiration

Take inspiration from seasonal colors.

Remember that you often choose your venue many months before your venue. You may book a venue in the fall or winter for a spring wedding. If you are drawing color inspiration from the nature surrounding the venue, remember to choose the colors that will be present during the season of your wedding.

Take Inspiration From Yourself

In the end, the colors you choose for your wedding should be colors that you love. Venue staff, wedding planners, or our wedding specialists here at Colorado Party Rentals can help you transform any space into the wedding of your dreams. This is your day, and it should look and feel exactly as you envisioned.

Colorado Party Rentals is located in Denver. We’ve got a large inventory of wedding rentals for any style, theme, and budget. And, our work has been featured in many wedding publications. Talk to a wedding specialist about your wedding color palette, and we’ll help you find everything you need to plan your dream wedding. 

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