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The right layout is the driving force behind making sure your party keeps running smoothly from start to finish. To make sure your guests don’t get bunched up in one area of the venue, make sure to create a continuous flow, keeping the party running smoothly, and taking full advantage of the entire venue. A great layout will also help your guests mingle, keep the conversation going, and keep the party flowing.

Divide Your Venue into Sections

Keep you guests moving

Premake welcome drinks as your guests arrive and then keep them moving.

Having a theme and decorations to match will set the right tone and ambiance, but making sure that your guests have a good time, you need to plan the layout of the venue. Take advantage of the entire venue and give your guests plenty of room to mingle and move. But also plan the layout so that there is a continuous flow. You don’t want one area or another to become overcrowded. A good flow also ensures that your guests move about and meet new people, that everyone is interacting, and not grouping up in little cliques.

Arrival Zones

Whether you’ve rented a venue for a corporate event or wedding, or you’re keeping your party at home, make sure you know what to do once your guests arrive. Do they need to check-in, get a name tag, or check their coat? And, where do you want your guests to go from there? Make sure there is a natural progression so that everyone doesn’t get stuck in the entryway causing a traffic jam.

Bar Zones

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Create sections where people eat, drink, dance, and mingle to keep the party flowing.

Everyone is going to want a drink. Typically, it’s the first thing that people go for when they arrive at a party. Think about having premade welcome drinks set up at the start of the event area. That way, people can quickly grab a drink and then move on to the party area. Besides welcome drinks, you’re going to need to strategically set up a few bar zones. Depending on the size of the venue, having a bar at either end is a great way to keep the grouping of your guests balanced. If you only have one bar for too many people, everyone will end up spending the party in line for the bar. It will make the room feel lopsided.

Food Zones

If you’re serving snacks or a meal, find a space that is away from the bar area. That way people will leave the bar and go to another section of the room. Make sure the food zone has some seating for people to eat.


One way to ensure that people don’t crowd around the food all night is to hire servers to pass trays all night. If your guests know that the food will come to them, wherever they are in the room, then they are more likely to spread out. Even if you have a buffet, you still need servers to clear tables.

Entertainment Zone

Rent party decorations

Make each section fun and decorative so that all guests will want to visit each section and keeping a continuous flow.

Once people have grabbed their drinks and eaten a little food, it’s time for entertainment and dancing. Make sure that people heading from the bar to the food don’t have to cross over the dance floor. It can cause a lot of spills and chaos. The trick is to keep your party open plan so that everyone can see the whole party at once, but create little zones and sections to keep people moving naturally about the room, always keeping the flow.

Decorating each zone

Although your entire party should have one cohesive theme, each zone can have its own sub-theme that still work with the main theme. That way you are creating interest and curiosity amongst the guests to make sure everyone moves about the entire room.  And, you’ll also create a great conversation starter if you’re trying to create team unity or bring together a large group of friends and family.

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