Keeping your outdoor winter wedding warm

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Make Your Winter Event Toasty

Winter Outdoor Weddings,

Just because it is winter outside, that doesn’t mean it should prevent you from being able to have an outdoor wedding. Regardless of what the weather might be doing outside, there are things that can be done to help your guests feel nice and toasty. A tent rental provides you with a way to create a cool shelter during the warm summer months and a cozy interior when the snow is falling in the winter.

Add Warmth to Your Outdoor Event

Check out these simple ways to get the perfect environment inside of your party tent.

  • Add an extra tent layer or a double-door tent to provide your guests with a nice entryway and keep the elements outside.
  • Tabletop warmers are perfect for when the temperatures drop. Everyone will be comfortable inside, even if the weather is fluctuating outside.
  • Order heat lamps for the room as well. One lamp for every 10 guests is ideal. Everyone will stay warm during the festivities.
  • Carpeted elevated floors underneath of your covering will keep your guests up and off the frozen ground.


  • Tent sidewalls will keep your guests safe from snow, wind and rain. Add in the heater and everyone can enjoy the insulated shelter. Air conditioners and fans work well to cool the tent during the summer. Not only do these accessories help further enhance the climate, but they can also add in a decorative element to your space.
  • Winter cocktails like Irish coffee, hot cocoa, warm apple pie martinis and hot rum cider are all ideal. With so many different flavored cocktails out there, everyone can have their choice of beverage and stay nice and toasty.

gourmet hot chocolate bar

Another way to help ensure everyone stays nice and toasty is to place a wrap or blanket at each one of the tables. Personalize the items to help guests remember your big day.

Rent a party tent in Denver and make an outdoor winter wedding more enjoyable with these useful tips.

Stay warm and happy planning!Christmas heart.

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