Not Sure What to Wear to the Wedding?

Wedding Dress Code 101

Traditionally, wedding dress codes come with a lot of stipulations – don’t go too short, don’t go too flashy, and please, please don’t wear white, eggshell, or cream! But besides the obvious dos and don’ts, the “what to wear” to your friend’s wedding isn’t always an easy question to answer. We’re here to help!Wedding dress codes

Wedding Guest Attire Guidelines

Though many couples are doing away with these “rules” altogether – can you say AMEN to all the beautiful white and nude colored bridesmaid dresses we’ve been seeing – tips on what to wear to a wedding are still good to know. But even after knowing those general guidelines, there can still be many gray areas. If a certain dress or shirt is causing you to pause and question whether it is appropriate, odds are it’s time to choose something else. When it doubt, though, just reach out to the happy couple (or the maid of honor or best man!) and ask!

1.       White Tie

The most formal of all events, when an invitation calls for White Tie attire, it means a tuxedo jacket with tails, a white bow tie, a white pique vest, and gloves for the guys. For the ladies, call your stylist!

2.       Black Tie

Typically, Black Tie events take place in the evening and as such will be noted on the invitation. Think formal, long, upscale and luxe! Even though some modern wedding Black Tie requests allow for a shorter dress with a luxurious detail like beading or sequins, it is always go with longer. For the gentlemen – a tuxedo and a crisp, the black bow tie is the way to go!

Wedding dress code3.       Semi-Formal

Time of day will determine the best approach for a semi-formal wedding wardrobe. For the evening, darker suit and a cocktail dress in a dark hue and unique textures. For daytime, you can be more creative! You can make your dress choice stand out from the rest with bright colors and fabrics. For men, a semi-formal calls for a suit and tie. For a semi-formal daytime suit, guys can opt for light gray or tan works just as well.

All in all, while your attire shouldn’t take the attention away from the beautiful couple, don’t be afraid to “be YOU” – within reason, of course. :)

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