We are excited to announce our new contemporary Velo Gold black and Grey handle flatware for 2018! Make an appointment and visit one of our showrooms to look over the variety of patterns, designs and sizes of our flatware collections.

Rose Gold Arezzo – $.95/ea

Onyx Arezzo – $.95/ea

Gold Arezzo – $.90/ea

Hammered Copper – $.95/ea

Cestino Stainless – $.85/ea

Lucca Stainless – $.85/ea

Velo Gold & Black  – $1.25/ea

Velo Gold & Grey – $1.25/ea

Vera Wang Stainless – $.85/ea

Alissa gold – $.85/ea

Rope Stainless – $.75/ea

Platte wooden flatware – $7.50/5 piece set

Regis Silver – $.75/ea

Tivoli Stainless – $.60/ea

Alissa Stainless – $.55/ea

Avalon Stainless – $.50/ea

Steak knives:  $.60 – 1.50/ea.