We offer a wide range of beautiful glassware collections as well as unique cocktail and barware options. From Riedel wine glasses to Schott Zwiesel’s contemporary Pure glassware we have something for everyone. We can help you coordinate your glassware rental with your particular style in mind.

Schott Zwiesel Pure Collection – 15.oz Water, 7.oz Flute, 18.oz Wine, 14.oz Wine – $1.00/ea

Stemless Wine Collection – 6.oz Flute, 16.oz Wine, 17.oz Wine – $.80/ea

Silhouette Collection (limited) – 6.oz Flute, 13.oz Water, 11.0z Wine, 10.oz Wine – $.70/ea

General Glassware- 16.oz Hi Ball, 10.oz Zombie, 10.oz Hi Ball, 12.oz Beverage, Single/Double Old Fashion, 5oz. Juice

Mason Jars – 16.oz with or without handle, 32.oz no handle – $.65-.75/ea

Cocktail – 5.oz Stemless Martini, 6.oz Martini, 10.oz Martini, 12.oz Margarita, 9.oz Coupette – $.85-$1.00/ea

NEW Dove Luster Goblet – $1.00/ea

Riedel Wine Collection – 20.oz Cabaret/Merlot Wine, 25.oz Pinot Noir, 12.oz White Wine – $1.25/ea

Cut Glass Collection – 12.oz Water, 8.oz Wine, 6.oz Champagne 10.oz Old Fashion – $.75/ea

Charlotte Gold Collection – 7.oz Flute, 13.oz Wine, 10.oz Wine, 15.oz Water – $1.00/ea

Embassy Collection – 6.oz Flute, 12.oz Wine, 8.oz Wine, 4.oz Port, 11.oz Water- $.55/ea

Beer Glassware – 11.oz Footed Pilsner, 16.oz Pilsner, 11.oz Hourglass Pilsner, 20.oz Stout, 16.oz Pint, 13.oz Belgium – $.75/ea

Coffee – Clear Continental, Irish Coffee, Squat, Punch – $.60-.65/ea

Dessert- Banana Split, Parfait, Sherbet – $.65-1.00/ea

NEW  Carousel Glassware – Available in Amethyst, Rose, Amber, Blue – $.85/ea

Lead Crystal Collection – 6.oz Champagne Flute or Tulip, 12.oz Wine, 15.oz Wine, 17.oz Water – $.80/ea

Mondial Collection – 6.oz Flute, 14.0z Wine, 11.oz Wine, 13.oz Water – $.65/ea

Delano Collection (limited) – 7.oz Flute, 11.oz Wine, 10.oz Wine, 13.oz Water – $.70/ea

Domaine Collection (limited) – 6.oz Flute, 12.oz Wine, 17.oz Water, 8.oz Water, 12.oz Brandy – $.75/ea

Hammered Glassware – 16.oz HiBall, 10.oz HiBall, 10.oz Old Fashion – $.65/ea

NEW  Hammered Copper mugs – $2.50/ea