Heaters and fire pits for outdoor events in Colorado
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Every event is different and therefore different products will be neccessary to plan out a perfect event. Whether these are just simple things such as extention cords and hangers, or others that play a more vital part in the event, such as privacy screens or market umbrellas, we take care that nothing gets overlooked.

Available Products

Red Carpet Runners (25′, 50′ 100′)  x 30″ wide

Stanchion (white, chrome, brass)

Stanchion velvet rope (red, black) 8′ length

Stanchion chain (white)

Tensa Barrier (retractable stanchion)

Firepits:  Wine Barrel(standing height), Round Stone(sitting height)

Market umbrellas (7′ Ivory) with optional stands

Coat rack on wheels

Hangers (plastic, wooden)

Privacy screen (black or white)

Trash can (Slim Jims, 30 gal, liners)

Raffle drum (small, large)

Ash trays (standing, tabletop)

Bull Horns