Take Better Photo’s At Your Next Event With These 4 Tips!

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So, you aren’t a professional photographer, but you are attending some big events and want to remember the evening minus red eyes, light glares and fuzzy out-of-focus- faces. Colorado Party Rentals gives 4 tips from the pro’s on how to take better photos.

1. Capture The Story

Every event has a story. The beginning, or preparation, the middle and the end. Take photos of empty chairs and the set up before guests arrive. During the event, take as many photos as you can. Set your camera on burst mode, try to capture the progression of people’s laughs, the movement and energy of an event. These reaction shots are the best way to capture the emotion of an event. Photograph small groups of people, mingle and draw individuals out through conversation!

Fran Menez wedding photography

Fran Menez wedding photographer

Fran Menez wedding photographer

Fran Menez wedding photographer

2. Shoot Outside the Box

To capture the truly unique photos, take pictures from out of the ordinary locations and angles. Get the shot of a venue through trees, or take great portraits by using the a bird’s point of view, which means you need to get up high and shoot downward. This trick also helps improve the lighting and remove flare .Use what is around you and view the world through a different lens. For example, how would a child see the party?

3. Kill The Flash

What you definitely don’t want is a bunch of canned, staged shots. The best photos are candid, when you catch people at their best, most free moment. When people see a camera pointed in their direction, or a flash goes off in their face, typically the reaction you get is not going to be a vulnerable candid shot. If possible, shoot without the flash. In lower light, decrease your ISO setting, open up your aperture and use faster lens speed.  This will help you blend in a little better to capture that once in a lifetime photo!

4. Frame Images

To get a great candid shot of an individual, use the foreground to frame the person you wish to capture. For instance, taking a shot behind someone’s shoulder, or allowing overhanging tree branches to grace the edges, or taking a shot through a doorway would all allow a foreground image to frame an object.

FranMenez.com wedding photography

Fran Menez wedding photography

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All photos by photographer Fran Menez, used with the artists’ permission.

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