Think Outside the Fundraising Box

Refresh Your Fundraising Events

Fundraising ideas, high-quality tent for your next fundraising event in DenverUpgrade your fundraising events by finding new ways to attract new audiences. Change venues to someplace less formal or hold the event outside under a tent. Besides getting a great tent, planning is a key player for a successful event. Today, we will share with you some vital elements you need to take into account when planning a fundraising event.

Planning the Event

Several key points need to be made when planning a charity event:

high-quality tent for your next fundraising event in DenverLocation – Will the event be held in your home or under a tent? Will you need to rent additional seating to accommodate guests?

Food and Drinks– Will the fundraising event be catered? If positive, by whom and how much will it cost?

Parking – Does your location have sufficient parking for event attendees?

Dress Code  – Will your event be casual, cocktail, business or formal attire?

Another key planning consideration is the flow of the event. The usual program structure is:

1. Attendees arrive and pay at the door or present tickets.

2. Participants enjoy the meal, cocktails, buffet or whatever food and beverages are being offered.

3. The host gets the guests’ attention, and thanks the host committee for its hard work, and introduces the first speaker.

4. The speakers offer brief remarks to the attendees and thanks them for coming.

5. Guests continue to enjoy beverages and entertainment if offered.

6. Guests depart.

This sample program is just a guide. Each event is different, so your structure may differ from the sample program above.

Now that you now the basics of event planning let the fundraising begin!

high-quality tent for your next fundraising event in Denver

Fundraiser Tent Rentals in Denver Area

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