Tips for Styling a Glamorous Wedding

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Picking a wedding theme can help guide the rest of your style decisions, from the color scheme to the signature drink. When it comes to doing a glamorous wedding, you must go big and have that wow factor. When we think glamorous,  high ceilings filled with chandeliers and champagne come to mind.


The Venue

When looking for a venue look for glamorous and opulent elements. The best place would probably be a ballroom since they usually have very ornate architectural features such as crown molding or impressive uplighting, both of which give instant ambiance. You can also consider other venue such as the atrium of an exquisite art museum, a dining room of a grand estate, or a historic mansion.


Color Palette

Your go-to color combination is monochromatic colors for example all-white or various shades of one hue, as well as combinations ranging from sultry jewel tones, will give a bold impact to the event. Keep the current decor of your venue in mind: If your reception is being held in a ballroom with ornate red-and-gold wallpaper, a fuchsia-and-orange color palette may clash, so make the most of those colors.

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Start by designing stunning calligraphy invitation to indicate your family and guests the elegance and formality of the event. Suggest they wear formal attire for the grand event. For the ladies, beautiful gown is appropriate and for the gentlemen attending a formal tuxedo is perfect for the occasion.

Very beautiful bridal bouquet


You can’t go wrong with roses. For your centerpieces chose a combination of different type of roses. Play around with different centerpiece styles to evoke extra drama: choose tall and grandstand to showcase elaborate and opulent elements.

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Hire a classic string orchestra to serenade your guests with classic jazz tunes through the cocktail hour and dinner, then switch to a DJ for the second half of your reception.

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