Wedding Invitation Etiquette 101

Set the Tone for Your ”I Do” Day with the Right Invites

Whether you want luxe letterpress invites or fun and quirky designs, the etiquette rules are the same. Wedding invitations let couples show off their unique style while giving guests a glimpse of the big anticipated event in Denver.

Creating Personalized Wedding Invites

Check out the wedding invitation etiquette for creating an entirely polite invite that lets your personality shine.

Set the Wedding Tone

Set the wedding tone with the right words. Many couples still choose to use formal phrasing on their invitations. Using formal language will indicate to your guests that they can expect a truly elegant event.

Once you made up your mind on the wedding style, choose the one that suits your personalities best. Start with a general template and play with the language until you’ve found phrasing that fits.

If you decide to go for a less formal ceremony – and you’re hosting a rustic, whimsical or artistic wedding to match – it’s quite agreeable to loosen up the language. Just change the spelled-out numbers to numerals in the addresses and dates, for a more relaxed look. Or, you could also remove the hosts’ names entirely, simplifying the phrasing to achieve a more casual ceremony.Wedding Invitations Etiquette

The Three Ws

Who: Include the full names of the bride and groom. For a formal invitation, include the full names of the hosts, too.

When: Clearly list the time, date, month and year of the event.

Where: Include where the event is taking place, with a full address (no need to included the zip code).

Things to Avoid

Avoid including gift or registry information on your invitation. Instead, recruit family members and your wedding party to fill guests in on the detail if they ask, and include a link to your wedding website as well.

And, your website link is better shared on your save the dates or invitation insert than on your actual invitation.

Addressing the Envelopes

Here’s how to correctly address wedding envelopes:

Guests’ names should be written in full, including the correct social titles (i.e. Mr. and Ms.).

All words in an address and house numbers less than 20 should be spelled out.

The return address usually goes on the back flap and in many cases, they are still handwritten.

Follow these tips to get it right!

Wedding Invitations Etiquette

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