Backyard Parties in Fall and Winter? Yes, it’s possible!

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You may wish you had a pool float and cold drink in your hand, but the seasons have changed and so has our entertaining. We may need to take extra caution with an outdoor party in cold weather, but we don’t have to stay huddled up inside all season long!

autumn-17003Here are 4 fun and creative ways to take your party outside in Fall or Winter:

1. The Fire Pit – Fire Pits have made a come-back and can even be found in use during summer months. A fire pit provides a glow and ambience aside from the obvious warming factor. You can find both portable and permanent options and the great thing about fire pits is that they are readily available. So, if your weather turns colder than you had expected or your guests list grew, you can stop off and pick one up at the last minute to be sure your guests stay warm.

2. Lampstand heaters – Also knows as patio heaters or mushroom heaters (for their shape). These are versatile in that you can move them to where you need them most. Do you have a central spot where your guests will be mingling, that may be a great place to add a patio heater. How about near the food, or an outer corner of your event area?

3. Chiminea – A Chiminea is a free standing, portable fireplace  usually made from clay. They are generally made form clay but can also be found in aluminum or cast iron. While indigenous people used them for cooking and warmth, today’s families use them as garden decor and winter warmth. They do not have a cover to prevent sparks from flying so they should only be used on gravel or stone patio surfaces. Lawn and other natural surroundings aren’t the place for a chiminea.

Entertaining in cold weather takes a few extra steps of preparation but it’s worth the effort. You may need to have thermos of hot chocolate on hand and serve a hot a hearty bowl of chilli. But, a brisk night doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Try a few of these backyard tips for adding warmth to your next event!

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