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You may have imagined the big reception at your wedding or event with charming white lights strung around a classic white tent with swooping layers of white fabric accenting the look! Or, maybe you only imagined a rustic and natural outdoor wedding with nothing obstructing the view of you and your husband-to-be but blue sky all around. Maybe you thought a tent is just unnecessary, especially when the colors of fall are bursting all around. As long as nature remains unpredictable, you will need to have a Plan B. Give yourself peace of mind and rent a tent from Colorado Party Rentals!

astro-turf with frame tent

You’ve decided on the structure style you need for your venue. Now it’s time to choose your extras!

Will you need walls? Colorado Party Rentals offers you: solid walls, cathedral walls (with windows), and clear walls. Suppose your venue is the botanical garden you waited a year to get a date for. You’re going to want clear walls so that both you and your guests can enjoy the long-awaited view.

dance-floorWill you need flooring or ground cover? Full or partial? AstroTurf?  Why would you choose full ground cover? If there has been raining in the 2-3 days leading up to your event, or (goodness no…) rain on the day of your event before the tent is scheduled to be erected, your ground could be a soggy swampland. The natural ground is always uneven and a little more tricky for guests coming in their fancy wear and heels. Your invitation and reception information is a great place to inform guests that your outdoor wedding will be a comfy shoe event. Find a creative way to tell your “besties” that this isn’t the time to flash their stilettos.

Do you plan to dance the night away? You are going to need a dance floor. We offer oak parquet, black and white, solid white, or outdoor dance floor options.

Renting your wedding or party tent and flooring from Colorado Party Rentals is a decision that will give you peace of mind!

tent parties in Colorado

Our experts are ready to help you choose the right size, style, and extras for your next tent rental.

Make an appointment to see our showroom and see our gallery of photos. Bring your ideas and let us help you make your dream come true! For wedding tent rentals in Denver and all over Colorado, we are your professionals! Call us today!

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