Planning a Very “You” Wedding (Part 1)

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So, you are feeling overwhelmed about how to make your wedding day represent your style as a couple? Start by looking at the big picture and determining the style and vibe you want to set. Here’s how!

The Barn at The Flying Horse Ranch

1. Think Big

During the initial stage, go ahead and dream. Don’t worry too much about the costs. Just dream big in this phase.

What do you imagine? Here are a couple of questions to consider:

  • Big (everyone you know) or small (close friends and relatives)?
  • Outdoors or indoors?
  • Home (one of your hometowns or your current city) or away (destination wedding!)?
  • Modern, classic, romantic, vintage, rustic, or all-out glam?
  • Fancy, casual, or somewhere in between?
  • Spring, summer, winter, or fall?

2. Inspiration

This is the time to determine what you want and don’t want. During this process, check out bridal magazines, books, blogs, and real wedding photos. Don’t be afraid to look outside of those familiar sources; maybe looking at random objects will spark ideas. Gather and collect your ideas on an inspirational board; that way, you can easily identify the common thread and start to visualize what all the elements look like together. Bonus: come to use our showroom!

3. Figure Out the Formality

So, do you want a very elegant wedding or do you want a casual one? How do you see your guests dressed up? Do you see everyone seated very formally or do you see the setting more casual with stations? If you want a beach wedding, that can call for a more relaxed wedding, or a ballroom wedding will require something fancy. Don’t forget to incorporate your personal styles as a couple. If you like intimate parties, then maybe throwing a huge wedding won’t be your thing. Whatever you decide, you’ll want to carry your chosen formality through every aspect of your wedding, from the stationery to the parting favor.

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