The bar is one of the places people will come to often during your event. Depending on the size of both your guest list and allowable space, our staff will help you choose how many bars you need and which shape and size is the best option your setting.

Pine Bar – $125

Black bar, portable – $115

White bar, portable – $90

Skirted bar 6′ – $75, 8′ – $85

Wine Barrel Bar (2 barrels,2 planks) – $100

Serpentine Bar 5′ – $75

Back Bar Shelf – $50

Rustic Bar – $100

Vineyard Bar – $150 (each section)

 Covid-19 Emergency Response 

We are open and actively assisting many clients.

          Colorado Party Rentals is running essential staff and assisting first                 responders, health clinics, and clients with emergency response services.

   Capabilities include all tenting and other needs such as tables and chairs for drive through test sites, overload triage and quarantine options.  Let CPR know how we can help!