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With a heartwarming toast, the sound of clinking of the crystal glasses marks the beginning of a new moment in your life—a moment to celebrate. Red wine, white wine, champagne, whiskey, or simply a non-alcoholic cocktail can be served for that purpose. Of course, for that, you will need the perfect matching glassware. No problem! We are here to help you with that.

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Perfect glassware for any drink and occasion

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Suitable Glassware for the Drinks

Not all glasses are created equal, or more precisely here, not every glass is intended for the same drink. So, before choosing the best set of glassware for the party, check your wine list or menu. Will there be cocktails only, and no red or white wine? Is it a child or a minor party (read: alcohol-free)? How about some good old scotch or bubbly champagne? Each of these drinks requires a suitable type of glass.

Wine glasses, in their ideal form with a stem, the bowl, and the foot, the wine glasses would be made of crystal, but often, they are made of clear plain glass, which is also acceptable. Red wine glasses are generally larger, rounder at the bowl opening. This is no coincidence. The complex aroma of the red wines is smoothed during this slight oxidation due to air exposure.Cocktail with ice

Contrary to them, white wine glasses are somewhat smaller. Most of the white wines are fresher and lighter in their flavor and would not benefit from air exposure and oxidation as the red ones. The smaller bowl opening will preserve their delicate aroma. They are often served few degrees chiller than the red ones.

Champagne glasses are always with a foot and a long stem, and their bowls are long with a narrow opening. Apart from the elegant appeal, the narrow bowls aid in preserving the bubbles and the cool temperature.

Cocktail glasses 
are a story of their own. Every bartender knows exactly in which type of glass the drink should be served. If you plan to make a small cocktail party where you and your friends will experiment a little, make sure to have at least the known martini glass, a double old fashion glass, and a highball glass. A margarita glass is an extra item if you plan to sip that delicious cocktail.

glassware rental for your wedding celebrationMatching Glassware with Your Party Style

Another aspect when choosing the glassware is the style of your party. The overall concept and decor should match with every detail and after all – glassware is part of the decor and party style!

Vintage style parties, whether weddings or anniversaries, require proper glassware style, like the ones decorated with a golden rim at their bowl, or with a stylized stem and foot.

A more modern approach is cheering with a simple, minimalistic glass design, with refined edges. For a more fun, relaxed, or unique feel, opt for stained-glass pieces, whether in dimly pastel glass colors or more vibrant ones that would become the highlight of the table setting.

Celebrate with Colorado Party Rentals

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Allow us to guide you into having a perfect party with all the details taken care of, including our great choice of glassware! Plan your party with Colorado Party Rentals to increase your options, cut costs, and take the stress out of planning a party. Our specialists are standing by ready to help you put your party together. Cheers!

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