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Tent Options to Aid in Planning Your Next Event

Anyone throwing an outdoor tented event needs to determine the type of tent that’s going to work best for their needs. Outdoor event tent selection depends on the theme of the event, the style of the event, the number of guests in attendance, and so on. To help along the way, check out these five styles of tents available to you.

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5 Tent Types for Your Upcoming Event

It’s crucial that you are familiar with the types of tents on the market today to help you choose the one that is going to work the best for you. The main styles are the frame tent and the pole tent. The main differences lie in the structural framework needed to keep the shelter in place and the overall installation process.

  1. Traditional Pole Tent

Pole tents are supported by guy-wires and poles. This is one of the more attractive options because it boasts a large, showy top with at least one or two peaks. It does need to be staked into the ground, so it works best on the grass.

  1. Frame Tent

Metal frames keep the fabric in place rather than a large pole in the center. This allows you to install it on almost any surface. Because of the frame structure, you end up with a large, open space that helps you organize your event layout better. This is ideal for those looking for an elegant, albeit simplistic, shelter.

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  1. Marquee Tent

A marquee is a combination of the frame and pole structures in that it gives you a freestanding metal frame along with the aesthetic appeal of a peaked roof. You get to enjoy a sculpted tent top both inside and outside of the structure.

  1. Sailcloth Tent

This shelter is supported by wooden poles and sailcloth material. It has a translucent material with clean lines that give you the perfect combination of simplicity and Art Deco. While you can use this option for any type of event you desire, it requires a lot of staking to keep it in place. It also cannot be used on all surface types.

    5.  Clearspan Tent

Clearspan covers are frame-based tents that feature a translucent vinyl top. You can enjoy dancing under the stars while knowing that you are protected from the elements. This is ideal for large events, as they can expand to 160 feet wide.

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