Truly Unique Seating Options for Weddings

With all of the details that go into planning Colorado weddings, couples can often overlook very important details such as the seats that they are going to use. The chairs that are used during a wedding have a big impact on the event because they are where guests are going to be seated for upwards of an hour in many cases.

If they pick an uncomfortable option, then their guests are going to grumpier and less likely to enjoy the wedding. And if they pick seats with colors that clash with the rest of the color scheme, then they are going to look out of place and take away from the beauty of the event. In order to help prevent wedding planning mistakes like this from happening, here are some fantastically unique seating options for weddings.

Seating area for wedding

Make a statement with your seating.

Hay Bales

You might not think of hay bales when you picture comfy seating,  but by taking a couple of precautions first, hay bales can actually become quite comfortable to sit on. The only worry is that the hay might end up causing some light scratch on the butts and legs of guests. But, in order to avoid this, all you have to do is pick out linen with a beautiful pattern and color scheme and then lay it over top of the hay bales.


These are usually used as footrests in homes but it turns out that with a few simple adjustments, they can make fantastic wedding chairs as well. By getting some extra plushy ottomans and surrounding them in floral or linen decorations, you can help make them into a seat that your guests will be more than happy to sit on. They also come in a wide range of colors, so finding ones that match your color scheme shouldn’t be a big problem.

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