2 tips to help you loosen up and enjoy your Colorado wedding

You’ve spent tireless hours planning, fawning, crafting, reveling, and swooning over your wedding and the fact that you get to marry the person of your dreams. But guess what? When your wedding day finally arrives, all of your plans are going to be set in motion, and it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy! Sadly, not everyone gets to do this for one reason or another… but if you at least follow these two simple advises, you will get to fully enjoy the entire experience of your wedding day:

Party planning ColoradoFirst of all: Turn off your phone!

Seriously. Or at least only answer your planner’s calls. Disconnect. Live in the moment. Your wedding day will pass by so fast- you don’t want to regret spending it on your phone. Plus, if you’ve hired someone to help manage your day, there is no reason you need to be directing people or making calls on what needs to get done. Direct everyone to your planner- vendors of course, but also friends and family, so you can fully enjoy your wedding day without unnecessary stress or preoccupations.

Second: Trust your vendors

White linen and decorYou spend tireless time researching, vetting, studying, interviewing, and choosing your vendors. So you should definitely feel confident in them by now. You have been working with them side-by-side to plan this big day, so why stop trusting that they will do the best job for you on your wedding day? Give them space and have confidence they’ll handle everything for you. Especially your planner. Finally, when creating your timeline, trust your vendors experience and suggestions. They have probably executed a few more weddings that you have and have learned a whole lot along the way.


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