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There’s nothing quite like a beautiful tent to tie your event together. Whether you’re using it for protection from rain or sun, or to create ambiance with lighting and florals, tents can elevate your event and bring it to the next level. With styles ranging from Sailcloth, Navi-Trac, and Century Pole, to Classic, Peak Frame and Pop-Ups, we have what you need to make your event special and comfortable for all of your guests.

tent styles


Constructed of sailcloth material the tents have sculpted peaks and eaves, with a no-valance design.  Translucent with ribbed stitching, the sailcloth allows natural light to enhance any daytime event and glows brilliantly when lit for evening gatherings. The sailcloth tent is oval and has wood-like side poles and center poles.  Available in 44′ widths.


If you're interested in a clear top tent, then the Navi-Trac is a great option. An assembled framework of beams allows for white or clear panels to slide through and create a much stronger structure. There are no interior center poles, allowing for a much cleaner look as fewer buckles and straps are needed to secure the fabric roof to the frame. The tensioning is achieved with the sliding of the fabric panels into the beams.

Options: White, Clear, Mix of White & Clear Options  Sizes: 30′ & 40′ widths

Century Pole

Century pole tents are our most popular wedding tent with a nice balance of style and cost effectiveness. They are a high peak tension style that rely on the tensioning of the fabric roof for its structural integrity and shape. There is no interior frame work visible under the tent as the vinyl fabric roof is supported by center poles creating the high peak look. 

The Century tent has more traditional square or rectangular shape and is available in 30′, 40′ or 60′ widths.

Classic Frame

Our classic frame tents are an ideal tenting solution for a corporate event or festival.  Frame tents are built with a structural aluminum frame and joined by steel fittings that are used to support the vinyl fabric roof. The rigid framework allows the tent to be free standing with no interior poles required to support the vinyl fabric roof.  Available with all types of anchoring, this tent style is the most popular in our inventory.

Available in 7′, 8′ or 10′ leg heights and come in 10′, 20′, 30′ and 40′ widths

Festival & Pop Up

This is our simplest tent used widely at farmers markets, single day festivals, non-profit events and small gatherings. Meant for shade protection, the pop-up is not designed to compete with wind and needs to be taken down if gusts reach over 20 mph.

This tent is available for customer pickup and return.

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