Avoid These Mistakes When Selecting Your Wedding Tent

Are you planning on renting a tent for your outdoor wedding in Colorado? Wedding tent rentals aren’t as simple as you might think — just like a conventional venue, they require pre-planning. Take a look at these tent rental mistakes and how to avoid them.

Common Mistakes

Last-Minute Bookings

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your tent rental! It’s risky to assume that your event tent rental service will even have the kind of tent you need a week or two before your wedding. Just as you would with a venue, secure the site and book your tent rental at least 6 months before your big day.

No Site Inspection

Make sure your set-up crew has plenty of room to pitch your wedding tent.

You and your rental service must inspect the site before you select a tent. It’s important to know what kind of ground your tent will be standing on — if you rent a tent meant with poles that were meant for digging into turf but end up setting up on concrete, there’s a good chance that tent will fly away. Checking out the space pre-rental will also ensure that you rent a tent of the correct size.

Too Small

It’s hard to tell what tent size you really need. If you guess, you’ll likely guess smaller, since smaller tents tend to cost less money to rent. You’ll regret your decision on your wedding day when all of your guests are packed like sardines. Work closely with your rental service — they can work out the right size based on the number of guests and the square footage of the site.

Not Enough Time For Setup

Don’t assume your tent will only take a few minutes to set up! Some tents require up to eight hours to set up. Allow your team a day or two before your event to set up so that you aren’t leaving things to the last minute.

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