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What color is your next party?

Picking the right colors for your party can be almost as important as location. Depending on what type of a party you are throwing, color can help you set just the right mood to get your party going. For years, Chromo therapist have been using color to help people with their mood and even cure illnesses, so why shouldn’t you be able to apply that same technique the next time you plan your event.


specialty- damasks, satins, imperials 6Red is an excellent choice if you are hoping to fire up the passion and excitement and draw people together. Red tends to raise the energy level of the room and creates a strong first impression. If you’re hoping to start a little somethin’ somethin’, then you want to think about adding splashes of red throughout the room to set the mood and get the party rolling.

china blue


Blue is the calming color. If you want to have an easy going, relaxing and serene atmosphere, this is the color for you. But remember, it’s all about moderation. Having too much of pastel blue can make the room feel icy and cold, and dark blues can bring on feelings of sadness. If you want your guest calm, then stick to the warmer blues or the bright blues.


specialty- damasks, satins, imperials 40Yellow will brighten the mood of your party. It’s the happy color, the non-threatening color that puts people at ease and makes them feel welcome. It will also open up the room and make it seem big and bright. Perfect for those parties where a lot of people may be meeting each other for the first time. But don’t over do it, just a few splashes here and there. And entirely yellow room can have the opporsite affect on your guest and tempers may start to flare. So if you’re bringing strangers together and you want them to get along, then a little yellow will brighten the mood, but too much will leave your guests frustrated and angry. NOT a good idea for any party.


Green is the most restful color for the eye and like the right blue, and the right amount of yellow, it can encourage and promote comfort and togetherness. It is also believed to help relieve stress. Feel free to use greens as your main color when decorating for a party. There are no scary side effects to the color green.


Color Themes

Photo credit: Relish Catering.


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For you a decadent, sophisticated and luxurious party, deep purple is your color. It is also associated with creativity and drama and adds depth to the room. On the other hand, if you want to create a more restful quality, a light purple will do the trick, without the risk of making people feel chilly, as blue does.


Photo credit: © Kristina Rice |

Photo credit: © Kristina Rice |

Orange brings on feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and is an all around energetic color. It may not be great for your everyday living room design, but it’s great for getting the party started and, more importantly, keeping the party going all night long!


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