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There’s nothing wrong with needing help for your event!

When you are planning the food and drinks of any event, it is very important to have expert advice that takes into consideration the many not-so-obvious catering planning needs that are usually and easily overlooked, if you’re not used to event planning.

Colorado Party Rentals

Your caterer will want to have the final headcount at least 10 days ahead of the big day.

To help ensure a successful and un-stressed catered event or party, company big or family small, our event specialists are ready to help you with every detail, from the guest list, table arrangements and set up, to the linen and china, but most importantly (what this blog is about): the food and beverage menu and how it will all be prepared and displayed!

Which menu should I choose?

When deciding what menu to offer, it is good to consider a few things such as:

  • Guest profile: like their professional level, the frequency with which they attend similar events, their residence location, and their ethnic background.
  • Guest preferences: older groups may prefer a lighter and milder menu, health-concerned guests will appreciate various vegetables, salad and seafood options, young or middle-aged attendees can be more adventurous and even prefer spicy and exotic food.
  • Guest special needs: as a host of a catered event, it is very important that you take into consideration any food allergies, dietary restrictions or religious requirements your guests may have.

Once you have looked through those key details, planning a menu should be easier. You can also provide different menu options, offer seasonal food items and don’t forget that the time of the event will also determine the type of menu you want to offer.

Catering rentals for all events

How it looks does matter!

Everything passes through our eyes, especially food! Whether it is served plated or on a buffet, a well-planned catered menu should be visually colorful and attractive. This means that the food presentation should make your guests want to eat it! It also means the linens, china, and decorations should complement the theme of the meal! If it doesn’t look and smell good, your guests will not be happy!

Serving pieces play a key role in presenting the beautiful and delicious food you will be serving your guests, so you do want to pay special attention to these details too. Our staff will help you choose and match the right serving pieces with your china and the food you will be serving.

Beverage service will depend on the type of event you will be hosting.  You need to choose beverages that will be served, and accordingly, the beverage service. You can choose from our varied list of beverage service items with the help of your event specialist.

Food station at a party
Last but not least, we have all the catering equipment you need!  Preparing and storing food is just as important as serving food to your guests. To make sure everything is always fresh, cold or hot, we will make sure you are provided with the right equipment to make your event a great success!

At COLORADO PARTY RENTALS we love to throw a good party, big or small.  Our dedicated staff is meticulous when it comes to detail and nothing will be missed if you plan your wedding or event with us! You will not only save yourself time and money but will also allow yourself the freedom to enjoy with your guests rather than worrying about having overlooked small details. And besides your peace of mind, we can also provide all the linens, stemware, silverware, tables, chairs, tents, decoration, lightingeverything you need! No task or request is too small, book us today so we can start creating your next intimate gathering or big summer celebration.

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