Don’t Make This Outdoor Wedding Mistake

Colorado is full of gorgeous outdoor locations that create jawdropping and photo-worthy backdrops to an outdoor wedding. But, beautiful scenery aside, there is one problem that many outdoor weddings face, and that’s being able to hear the bride and groom exchange their vows.

Making sure every guest can hear the vows

You’re only going to say your vows once in your life, so you want everyone to be able to hear. The problem with an outdoor wedding is that it has to compete with wind, waves, or other sounds of nature. The vows are a special moment. Make sure that you consider audio when you plan an outdoor wedding.Audio equipment rental Denver

Dealing with Audio Outdoors

If you’re on a mountaintop saying your vows, you are most likely going to deal with a bit of wind. If you’re near water, or the ocean, you’re going to have the sound of crashing waves. So anytime you’re outside, there’s going to be some noise. Once you’ve chosen your outdoor venue, do a bit of research to find out if there are times of the day that are calmer and quieter than others. Even if it’s peaceful, being outside will make it harder to hear because the sound may travel or get lost in the great outdoors.

If you set up chairs and try to make the ceremony intimate with everyone sitting close, because the two of you are facing each other, the sound may not project to all of your guests.

Rent generator for outdoor wedding

Rent generators so you don’t have wires running across your wedding ceremony.

Amplifying Your Vows

The reason you are all gathered is to witness the joining of two people; therefore, everyone will want to hear the couple exchange their vows. Don’t take any chances with the audio. Rent audio equipment to ensure that both the couple, the officiant, and anyone else who is speaking, singing, or reciting a poem is amplified so that no one is going to struggle to hear.

Rent audio for your wedding

If the venue doesn’t already have an audio system, rent an audio system for your wedding. We also recommend that you rent a generator so that you won’t have to run ugly extension cords across your ceremony set-up to reach an outlet. Hiding the cables will also prevent people from tripping over them.

Rent audio equipment from Colorado Party Rentals and make sure everyone hears you say “I Do”!


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