Five Essential Party Rentals for All Outdoor Fall Events

There are five items that most outdoor fall parties and events have in common. These items make up the foundation for a great party and are essential rentals for every occasion. The style and the theme of these items are what’s going to give your party personality. But for now, we’re just going to focus on the five things that you can’t go without at your next outdoor fall event.


Every outdoor event, regardless of the season, is going to need some shelter. Whether it’s a shelter from the sun or keeping your guests cozy and dry on a chilly fall evening, you will need to rent a tent. The type of event, your budget, location, guest list, and purpose of the event will require a different party tent style.

Event Tent Rentals in Denver

The tent will create a beautiful frame around your party and will help set the tone.

Tables and Chairs

Once you have your tent, it’s time to think about what types of tables and chairs are necessary for your event. Tables and chairs should be both functional and decorative. Make sure you rent the right chairs and tables to serve each activity. For a wedding, you may need stools and cocktail tables for a cocktail hour, another style of chairs for the ceremony, and another style of tables and chairs for your reception. For a corporate event, you may need audience/conference seating, tables, and chairs for work sessions and group activities, and dining tables and chairs for the meals. Having lounge areas with more comfortable seating and matching tables may also be appropriate for your event.


Most events will require a variety of tables and chairs to serve all functions, as well as help create the right atmosphere for the type of event you are planning.Rent stemware and tableware in Denver

Stemware and Tableware

Every event, party, or celebration is going to be serving food and drinks to the guests. Whether it’s an informal cocktail hour, light snacks, or a formal sit-down five-course meal, you have to rent the appropriate stemware and tableware. Think about what you are serving, and then consider what type of glass is right for the beverage service, as well as what kind of tableware you’ll need for the food. Even if you’re only serving tiny appetizers, your guests may still want to have a small plate. Something as simple as having the appropriate glass for each type of beverage will instantly elevate the chicness of your party. Similarly, the style, color, design, and pattern of your tableware are also going to have an impact on the theme and ambiance.

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