Green Is The New Rose

One of the strongest trends seen in the latest months has been using greenery instead of flowers!

nature theme wedding, bring plant life inside

By Meigan Canfiel Photography

The rose has always been a classic protagonist at every wedding, and more than the color itself, it has been about the flowers. If you’re a couple open to new trends read up, greenery is now a big thing to include in your decor!

So what are the advantages of using greenery?

  • Naturally, green is a high contrast color, and it combines perfectly with neutrals or metals, giving you diversity when creating designs ranging from an elegant style to chic.
  • Purchasing greenery is usually lower in cost, causing it to reduce the floral budget down considerably, if your budget is tight you can decorate a lot more with greenery your theme arrangements.
  • If you want to give your wedding a natural and whimsical atmosphere, try using hanging elements, such as garlands, wreaths or air plants.
  • This trend is considered eco-friendly, since most of the plants can be kept in flowerpots and survive after the wedding. Maybe even incorporate them into your new apartment or home.
  • Greenery can be adapted to different styles and types of weddings from vintage to elegant, and especially a contemporary wedding. If you think, green is your thing, then decorate starting with the green style in mind.
  • If you wish to incorporate this trend with a little bit of flowers, we recommend using white.

Very beautiful bridal bouquet

We believe that we must not be afraid and dare to seek the best way to design a wedding, it’s all about thinking outside the box alongside the best team to achieve it!

PS. Fear not mothers out there! Having tropical leaves, succulents or garlands isn’t a sign of an inelegant display. Across the globe many wedding decorators and florist are styling lots of greenery in substitution of flowers.


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