Holiday Party Checklist: What To Do Now For Thanksgiving!

Just 4 Saturdays left till Thanksgiving!  Are you ready?  Colorado Party Rentals will help you prepare for the holidays with an easy holiday preparation check list.  Know what you need to do now to be fully prepared for your holiday entertaining this year.  Colorado Party Rentals has everything you need for hosting a Thanksgiving event for your friends and family.  We include a checklist for everything from invitations and set-up to decorations and food.  Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a large corporate event, we have you covered!  Below is your basic Thanksgiving checklist to get you started.


First task is to put together your guest list.  Once you have your guest list complete you will be able to determine whether this will be a formal or casual event based on the personalities of your guests.  Choose your invitation design based on the style of the event.  If this will be a casual event, sending an e-vite online may suffice.  Include the name of your event, a Thanksgiving Family Dinner, ect… and date, time as well as location on the invitations.  You will want to send your invitations out so they will be received a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks in advance.  Get started on Thanksgiving invitations this week!

Plan Set-Up

Photography – Rachael Grace Photography

Photography – Rachael Grace Photography

After invitations, the next item on your checklist is to plan the set-up arrangement of the event.  Will you need additional tables and chairs to rent?  Will you need catering equipment to warm your food if serving buffet style?  Will you rent tablecloths, napkins, platters, bowls serving utensils, coffee pots and serving tables?  These are all items that need to be thought through based on the location of the event and ease for the host or hostess.  Renting dishes and linens provides a service for the hostess, freeing them to focus on the guests rather than the logistics.


Your decorations can be elaborate or simple.  Using fall colors in table linens and flowers is a simple way to incorporate fall into your party.  Candles, fall leaves, pumpkins and pine cones are a few other things you can throw into the fall mix!


Your food at a Thanksgiving party will be the centerpiece of the event.  This is what everyone came for!  If hosting a sit down dinner, consider what courses you will be serving, including appetizers, main course, dessert and any in between, such as soups or salads, cheese or a cleansing sorbet.  If you are including children in your mix, don’t forget to provide a few kid friendly items!  A hot dog roller or popcorn machine would give them entertainment as well as a kid friendly food item.

Photo credit: Jeff and Jewels Photography

Photo credit: Jeff and Jewels Photography

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