Hottest Hues for Summer Weddings

Summer colors are fresh and vibrant. However, every color can be tweaked to match the main themes of your wedding. Every color has a range of hues and tones that will enhance emotion and ambiance. Here are the hottest hues for a summer wedding.

Summer colors

Summer wedding colors

Juicy citrus colors are hot for a summer wedding.

Summer colors take inspiration from the ocean, the flowers, the mountains, and the plains. If you take a step back and look at summer landscapes, you’ll see a wide range of bold colors, but once you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the whole picture is made up of many shades of every color, creating layers and textures. When you are looking to build a color palette for your summer wedding, look to the list of emotional guide words you would use to describe your wedding.

Beachy Summer Wedding

To enhance romance, choose a more subtle and soft shade. Blues, greens, and coral can make a beachy summer wedding ooze with romance. Choosing more delicate hues will add beautiful layers to your wedding decor, without being too bold. Look at the colors of the surf, sand, and sunset to keep it light and airy. Instead of a golden yellow to reflect the sand, think about a more subtle touch of champagne. Instead of the bright orange or rust from the sunset, choose more subtle peach-like tones.

Romantic summer colors

Use softer shades of vibrant summer colors to create a more romantic vibe.

Vibrant and Energetic Wedding

Summer is a juicy season, so it’s natural to incorporate sexy, vibrant citrus colors into your wedding. A few pops of bright yellow, orange, and green can add energy and freshness to your wedding. Delicious citrus colors are fun and romantic. To make a yellow more warm without losing the freshness or vibrancy, try a pineapple instead of lemon.

Organic and Natural Wedding

Using all the shades of green that you find in your garden will make for a beautiful, rustic, organic summer wedding. Use a range of green hues to create layers and textures. The result will be a wedding that feels romantic, earthy, and peaceful. To make it more ethereal, look for teals and minty greens to soften the darker tones.

The best colors are those that come organically from your surroundings. For a Colorado wedding, take inspiration from the wedding venue and seasonal colors, and then find the right tone to match your wedding theme.

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