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 Hottest Trends for Events in 2014

With planning an event, whether large or small, you have many elements to consider.  What’s the best theme, should you use linens or what kind of centerpieces do you use?  Colorado Party Rentals gives you the best trends for 2014 so in the midst of your planning you can be sure you are not missing out on the latest this season has to offer!  Learn what colors are trending and what to serve on the buffet line.  Colorado Party Rentals has your latest trends here!

Trending Seasonal Colors

Indian wedding cake

Elegant indian cake

Brilliant Blue

This is a fabulous color, trending in many large events.  The best way to make this color pop is by using it with whites or neutral colored décor.  If you want drama, pair it with red, or even a metallic blue- green or turquoise.   Consider using a brilliant color for lighting as well.  Think hot pink or blue.  Use table centerpieces, or chandeliers in your bright hue.  Use complimentary colors such as sea green, nautical blue, aqua blue, French blue or lilac when looking at centerpiece options.

Neon Colors

Recently, neon colors are making their comeback.  Bright reds and tangerine, hot pink and brilliant green with lemon yellow are all colors bringing energy to your ambiance.  You can use these for your cocktail glasses or statement pieces on the table.  For flower vases, use glass or vintage vases or even mason jars painted in the color of your theme.  For the flowers, choose bouquets in a single color with varied shades, which compliment the vase.  When used against a white background, these colors will be even more accentuated.

Local Gourmet Comfort FoodsEvent catering services Denver

People are loving their homegrown goods.  Whether it’s locally sourced honey or hand towels for the bathroom, products from your home town are a trendy way to give a nod to your heritage while supporting your community as well.  With this trend comes locally grown food too!  Comfort foods are bringing friends closer together this year.  Twists on old classics such as macaroni and cheese or chicken and waffles bring the guests round the table.

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