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Colorado Party Rentals, in Denver, is your wedding headquarters.  We have everything you need to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.  After the wedding celebration comes setting up your new home!  You’ve picked your groom, now you have the arduous task of choosing your china.  The china that will most likely become a family heirloom, the pattern which will speak of your personality and style to future generations.   How to know what to choose?  Colorado Party Rentals gives basic tips in choosing your china to help you through the process.

china goldPick a Pattern

The china you choose should represent your personality.  It should speak to the style and ambiance you want to create.  It will make a statement for all of your meals and serve in creating memories at the table.  The pattern you choose for your china should reflect your home’s style too.  You will want your china to highlight or accentuate your style, instead of hide it.  Don’t worry about liking the pattern 20 years from now, choose one that you absolutely love today.  The four major china patterns are below.


Geometric china has strong bold lines or patterns.  Geometric patterns appeal to the modern or contemporary styles.  These pieces are generally white with a geometric print.


Banded china is white or ivory with a gold or platinum rim.  Various colored rims are available.  The value of the china can be rather costly depending on how much metal covers the plate.  The platinum or gold banded pieces add a touch of elegance and refinement to your table.  This classic style is timeless and will remain so throughout the years.


Floral patterns send a message of nostalgia.  This style draws from age old traditions, typically light and airy, giving a fresh twist to your table.  Floral patterns can be used to fuse modern styles with the classic look to create a statement as unique as you!

Mixed Patterns

A popular trend is to mix and match sets.  You can register for a set of six in one pattern and six of another design that complements.  Try to choose patterns with similar colors, or complementing colors.

Orientalchina cup white

As the name implies, oriental china has an Asian flair.  This would include rectangular shaped plates, or with oriental designs.

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