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Colorado Party Rentals offers quality table rentals along with a wide array of other fine products and exceptional services to help plan your special event. From simple birthday parties to corporate galas, Colorado Party Rentals has everything that will help your event shine, setting it apart and making it memorable! Our quality products and exceptional services give your event that extra pizzazz, which will leave your guests oohing and aahing as they are leaving and for months to come.

Most Popular Tents for Outdoor Weddings

Hosting important and elegant events such as weddings, are complex and requires dedication. Wedding party planners and hosts have to be on top of everything, trying to acquire the best table rentals for an already determined and most probably tight budget. At Colorado Party Rentals, we have been providing the best and most affordable table rentals solutions exceeding our customers’ expectations while respecting their budget. 

Today, we would like to share the 3 most popular wedding tents. These options are versatile, elegant, flexible and affordable. Making them perfect for any special event or party. It is extremely important to always consider the type of event you will be hosting, the number of guests and unpredicted attendees, the activities, table rentals and other elements that will be converging together. 

The Perfect Tent for your Event

After checking several times the needs and options for your table rentals, and you are certain to have all elements together, you can start looking for the tent style that will best suit you. If you have problems determining which is the best option for table rentals or any other element required, don’t hesitate to contact Colorado Party Rentals. Our professional staff is ready to make your wedding or special event a successful and memorable one. 

Frame Tents

A frame tent is a great and popular party tent. It offers a good amount of flexibility when it comes to location. It is adaptable to different terrain and weather conditions. A frame tent is supported by a metal framework, visible on the inside of the tent and has no center poles to obstruct views, maximizing the space inside the tent. It is perfect to take the dance outside

A frame tent is ideal for small areas or when there is limited space. It is also a good option when installing over decks, dance floors, patios, driveways or up against other structures or buildings.

Pole Tents

Pole tents are extremely flexible and can be combined with any table rentals, making it a very popular option. This type of tent has an elegant, classic look and it can be set for indoor or outdoor purposes. 

High Peak Century Tents

This type of pole tent is elegant and stylish. It is perfect for formal events and weddings. High peak century tents feature majestic peaked cathedral ceilings and graceful elegant curves designed to enhance your special event. This tent combined with elegant and stylish table rentals will set the tone and atmosphere for your perfect event. 

At Colorado Party Rentals, we can help in determining the best tent solution for your table rentals. Contact Us at any time and learn everything you need about table rentals and other great wedding solutions. 

Contact Colorado Party Rentals today and let us know how we can help you plan your special event. Or browse our website, and see our quality products and exceptional table rentals that set us apart from other companies. Whether you’re a corporation hosting an extraordinary gala, or a family wanting to throw a simple birthday party, Colorado Party Rental is your one stop shop! Leave the details to our event table rentals specialists, and rest with your guests, as you put on your memorable event! We look forward to serving you!

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