Table Rentals Midland

Colorado Party Rentals offers quality table rentals along with a wide array of other fine products and exceptional services to help plan your special event in the Midland area. From simple birthday parties to corporate galas, Colorado Party Rentals has everything that will help your event shine, setting it apart and making it memorable! Our quality products and exceptional services give your event that extra pizzazz, which will leave your guests oohing and aahing as they are leaving and for months to come.

Rock Your Party with Great Dance Floors

Midland citizens love to dance. We all answer positively to music and rhythm, relaxing body and mind. At parties, weddings and special events, it is an essential element in order to make the occasion memorable. 

Hosting a great party or a special event is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and planning to select the best table rentals and everything needed for the occasion. After providing the best table rentals for Midland citizens, at Colorado Party Rentals, we have gained enough experience and knowledge how to provide our customers with a successful event and we know firsthand that when the upbeat rises, the party becomes a blast.

Selecting your Dance Floor

To make your party a success is vital in selecting the best table rentals for your event. A great dance floor is as important as a comfortable chair. Therefore, before selecting the type of dance floor you want, it is important to consider the number of guests and venue size. Normally, at Colorado Party Rentals we suggest at least a 15’ x 15’ dance floor area for 50 guests or 25 dancing couples. You can easily go over our table rentals chart and select the best solutions for your table rentals.

Once you have determined the dance floor area required, you can go over our cool and elegant table rentals options to create that perfect atmosphere. For instance, a cool black and white dance floor for your birthday party or an elegant oak parquet dance floor for that important gala. Visit Colorado Party Rental’s showroom and find all the table rentals required to rock your party. 

Contact Colorado Party Rentals today and let us know how we can help you plan your special event. Or browse our website, and see our quality products, exceptional table rentals and services that set us apart from other companies. Whether you’re a corporation hosting an extraordinary gala in Midland, or a family wanting to throw a simple birthday party, Colorado Party Rentals is your one stop shop! Leave the details to our event table rentals specialists, and rest with your guests, as you put on your memorable event! We look forward to serving you!!


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