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All Your Party Tent Needs

If you have family, friends, lovers, kids, employees or all of the above, you have a million reasons to throw a party this summer. Colorado has so many gorgeous outdoor venues to gather and enjoy the sunshine and great conversations with all your favorite peeps. It could be a work party, BBQ, birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or just a “hey, it’s been a while since we all got together” party. And those spontaneous get-together parties are often the ones that turn out to be the most fun. But every party needs a place for your guests, or your food, to stay cool in the Colorado summer sun. That’s why we at Colorado Party Rentals have one of the largest inventories of party tents and linens to keep your guests from melting in the sun.

Pop Up Wedding Tents

Choosing the right tent

Whether in your own back yard, or out in one of Colorado’s many public parks, it’s not always easy to find a spot in the shade. And you don’t want your guests to stand around the edge of your garden or the park, all lines up in a row, trying to get a break from the scorching sun. Wherever your party destination, one of our skilled event planners will help you decide just what type of tent would be perfect for the party you are throwing. And they come in a variety of colors so you don’t just have to go with a plain old white tent, you can bring a big splash of color to your next event. Or you can go traditional white, and let the natural colors of the great Colorado outdoors be the color scheme for your event. The best thing about renting a tent, is that you don’t have to be responsible for packing, transporting or pitching the tent. You just have to greet and treat your guests to a great day (or evening).

Party Tent at night

Tents for any occasion

For the bigger moments in your life, or the life of your loved ones, or the life of your company, you may need to go big. Small strategically placed pop up tents for shade are great for an informal gathering of friends and family, but for the bigger life celebrations or company parties, you’ll need to up your tent game a little if you want everyone to be gathered under one roof. We have tents that will cover the largest party you can think of, like a big summer company party, to the smallest most intimate gathering, like a few friends BBQing in the yard. As a boss, you know you’ll have to throw a few parties throughout the years to boost morale and give your employees a well-deserved break and pat on the back for a job well done. So don’t skimp on the tent (or the liquor). Make this company party spectacular with a grand party tent.


Outdoor Party LightsColorado Party Rentals

We love to throw a good party. Big or small, our dedicated event specialist are meticulous when it comes to detail and nothing will be missed if you go for a Colorado Party Rental event. And it doesn’t stop at the party tent. We will bring so much more. We can provide all the lines, stemware, silver ware, tables, chairs, decorations, lighting, we could go on and on. No task or request is too small, so call us today so we can get started on creating your next intimate gathering or big summer company bash.


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