Reasons For A Winter Wedding

In a month, winter will officially arrive – the festive times will keep people busy while shopping and preparing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But once December ends, all seems to settle down and holiday crowds are less likely. Why not do your wedding then? Here are several reasons for having a wedding in winter.

Our Top Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

Often regarded as the “off-season“ for weddings, winter weddings are unjustly given that label. But luckily trends are shifting, and more couples are deciding not to skip the winter season for tying the knot.

Winter Has Its Own Magic

Long banquet tables for weddingWinters are actually very romantic, snuggling under the soft blanket or near the fireplace…  Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is in the middle of chilly February, so there’s no reason to describe winter months as less romantic.

The “crystal”  theme is the perfect theme for winter. Also, as the sun sets down earlier, you can add as much candlelight in your decor that will give the event a warm glow (in a literal way).

Winter Weddings are More Budget Friendly

Aside from being romantic and fairy-tale like, weddings in winter also have their pragmatic point. You can save up to 30 percent on a winter wedding than on a summer one. Florists, decor, venue rentals, and even photographers are usually less busy or taken in this period (venue rentals in particular) and often offer discounts during the “off-season.“

There are More Options for Accessorizing Your Outfit

Maybe you’ve found an amazing white elegant blazer or a lush cashmere scarf or hat that would perfectly match your wedding dress, but guess what – there’s no use having them during the summer. A pair of elegant gloves may also be worn during warm seasons, but your palms and hands won’t benefit so much as during winter.

Weather is not an Issue Anymore

Outdoor fall and winter event rentals

Add heaters to keep your guests warm.

For many brides, the moment they hear of a winter wedding they think of the weather and worry that it may be harsh and ruin their big day. The truth is, we are witnessing significant climate change, and having a wedding in spring or summer does not guarantee that there will be no rain, wind, or an unexpected brief downpour. In fact, during wintertime, you expect that it will be cold and most venues and catering services are prepared and can anticipate “the worst“ – aka the snowfall. With Colorado Party Rentals you can have the best tents for indoor events, plus heaters that will keep you and your guests warm and cozy.


Come Rain or Snow, Colorado Party Rentals is Here to Make Your Winter Wedding a Great Day!

We love any weddings and parties, and we want your wedding day to be one of your best memories. We offer diverse rental equipment, from flooring to tents, glassware, linens, chairsplatters, and food serving.

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