Rent Tables and Chairs for Corporate Events

When you’re planning a big corporate conference, the chairs and tables are one of the most important aspects. For an all-day event, like a conference, there are many uses for chairs and tables, and you’ll need to think about finding the right tables and chairs. Once you know the purpose and the goals for your corporate event, our event specialists can help you find the right tables and chairs. 

Tables and chairs for corporate events

A corporate event often has many elements. There are presentations and lectures, eating areas, lounging areas, and recharging stations. You may also need areas where people can sit in teams, work, and be creative. In other words, every corporate event is going to need a variety of tables and chairs to meet the requirements of each element.

Eating and Drinking

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If you are serving food and drinks to your guests, you’ll need to have a place for them to sit. Depending on the venue, you have options for several long and large tables so that everyone eats family style. Or you can spread out tables so that there is room to move. Look for tables in materials that will accentuate your event and the venue. Just because this is a corporate event doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about a decorative theme. And, tables and chairs can help you create the right atmosphere to make your corporate event successful.

Working in Groups

You may also think about setting up large tables to allow teams to gather and brainstorm. It is a judgment call whether you want standing or sitting tables. Standing may encourage more creativity. With tall standing tables, you can move about and use your whole body to be creative and come up with new ideas and solutions.

Recharging and Lounging

Avoid common event planning mistakesAny event needs to have charging capabilities. If you want to keep your guest sharp and engaged in an all-day corporate event, you need to allow them to take a step back, recharge their brain, and recharge their phones. Having a comfortable lounge area for your guests to take a break will allow them to come back with more energy. If everyone is fighting over the same few outlets, sitting on the floor, or leaning up against a wall, everyone is going to be sore and cranky by the afternoon. Keep everyone happy by giving them a break and allowing them to check their phones.

Matching Tables and Chairs

Having matching tables and chairs will make the overall look of your event feel more cohesive than having random tables and chairs. Mismatched tables and chairs will look cheap and unorganized. Your event will feel much more professional if you have matching chairs, at least, in each section and for each element.

Audience Chairs

Rent chairs for corporate eventsMost corporate events will have a few speeches, presentations, or lectures. Make sure that you have enough chairs for your expected audience. And, choose comfortable chairs, so your audience can focus on the presentation, not shifting around in their seats trying to get comfortable.

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