Creating A Beautiful Palentine’s Day Brunch Tablescape

Valentine’s day is still reserved for couples, but celebrating friendships the day before has grown in popularity in recent years. You know what that means! We get to talk about how to create a beautiful Palentine’s Day brunch tablescape. Nothing is more crucial to a brunch than an Instagram-worthy table setting. 

The Art Of The Brunch Tablescape

Brunch Tablescape With A Rustic and Elegant Vibe

Elegant and rustic brunch tablescape!

The tablescape should match the occasion. How would you characterize your friendships? What personality traits do you love about your friends that you can realize in your table setting? You may not think so, but you can tell a lot about people based on their china, glassware, and décor choices. 

For a brunch table setting, keep it light and fresh, and have fun with it! A daytime affair should be more playful and casual than a formal dinner.

Keep It Simple  

While your friends may be complex and multi-faceted people, your choices when creating a brunch tabletop should be minimal. Too many ideas can clutter the table and create a feeling of disconnect and chaos. You want to find a theme and a style that unifies and celebrates your friends. 

Neutral Palette

We love a nice pop of color, but there is something soft and lovely about a neutral palette perfect for a Palentine’s Day brunch table setting. While Valentine’s day still favors bold red and romantic color choices, we’ve created two beautiful tablescapes that feature natural, rustic, and charming hues of pink and coral. 

Adding Layers

Layers add interest and energy. Layers create texture. Setting the table creates natural layers from the dinnerware, glassware, flatware, napkins, linens, and centerpieces.

Something as simple as using a napkin with a shiny texture and a contrasting color, or a delicate pattern, can elevate the aesthetics (literally) of the whole table. 

Using a simple runner, exposing the beautiful natural wood table will give the table a distinct rustic vibe. Create aesthetic flow by using complimentary Palentine’s tabletop décor, like greenery and a neutral and organic color palette. 

Everything You Need For A Brunch Tablescape

We love to put together a great tablescape, no matter the occasion. Talk to us about your vision, and we’ll make it happen.

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