Stylish Tent Types for Your Wedding Reception

Beautiful Tents Make Your Event More Convenient and Memorable

It’s official, spring has arrived and that means more opportunities for outdoor events! The weather can be a bit unpredictable during this period, so this is where the (many kinds of) tents come in! The type of tent you use can make a major difference in how your outdoor event comes out. It sets the entire mood of the event. It’s where all of the main action occurs. In fact, it is even the main backdrop for your photos. It is because of those reasons that you want a tent that really stands out and speaks volumes about your event.

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Stylish tent types

  1. Beach or Tropical-Style Tent

This particular tent is composed of a light translucent fabric that is draped over a bamboo frame of sorts. It is designed to look aesthetically appealing, but it doesn’t offer protection from rain, wind, snow or hail.

  1. Carnival Tent

illuminated party tent at nightThese tents are essentially pole tents that are dressed up in a striped red and white fabric. Even though there are some places to rent this type of tent, it isn’t the easiest to find because of its large nature.

   3. Moroccan or Indian Themed Tent

These marquee or pole tents are trimmed and adorned with gorgeous fabrics instead of a white vinyl used on many of the other tents. Only select companies offer these tents. You can add additional lighting, draping or décor to get the look you desire.

    4. Teepee Tent

This particular tent was modeled after the Native American teepee and Nordic Sami Kata. It has a unique shape that not only looks attractive but also provides you and your guests with a nice, cozy environment. You can choose from various configurations and sizes to accommodate your party. While they are aesthetically appealing, you will have to dodge the poles that hold them in place on the inside.

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  1. Yurt

What was once used as a type of portable dwelling is now a top option for those looking for alternative wedding venues. The structure is made up of a wood ribbed crown and roof, and lattice walls that are covered in a beautiful fabric. Because they are smaller in size, they aren’t ideal for a larger wedding party. They are designed for an intimate affair.

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