Summer Picnic Party Essentials

Summer’s here, and that means it’s time for picnics, barbecues, and outdoor parties. Whether you’re planning a small intimate get-together or a large party, there are some things every outdoor gathering needs.

Plan for the Unpredictable Colorado Weather

When it comes to the weather, planning for everything is the safest bet. Whether it’s protection from the rain or providing relief from the sun, you can’t go wrong with a large pop-up tent. Available in various sizes, tents can serve as dining areas, dance halls, or any number of uses. When it comes to party rentals, you can’t go wrong with a tent.

Plan for the Food

Using food in your event design

Be creative with how you display and plate the food to add an extra sensory dimension to your party.

For events that include food, you’ll want a place for people to sit. From tables and chairs to lighting and generators, make a list so that you don’t forget any picnic party essentials.

A sit-down meal, especially when it’s catered, is a great way to get together outdoors and celebrate. But other times, something a bit more casual is a better fit for the mood you’re going for. Those times call for a barbecue party.

When the guest list grows, your home BBQ grill is going to be too small. To avoid everyone asking, “is it ready yet?” you can rent a large party-size grill, along with all the other things you’ll need for a fantastic evening of food and fun. This includes utensils and plates and serving trays, but there’s more, too. You can rent games, as well. This can be a real budget saver. If storage space is an issue, you’ll be glad you can return those backyard games when the party is over.

Plan for the Fun Details!

Any good party needs decorations. From lights to table runners, it’s those finishing touches of décor that really make an event memorable.

When it comes time to organize your next outdoor party, we can help you make it a success. Get in touch with us at Colorado Party Rentals today.


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