Tent Rentals for Any Occasion

Hosting an event outdoors is a great way to ensure a ton of party room while subjecting your partygoers to the beautiful surrounding scenery. Outdoor parties are fun at any time of year but if you want to ensure that your guests stay comfortable for the duration of your event, it’s probably best that you consider tent rentals in Denver.

Party tents make it possible to host an event anywhere. Tents also serve as a blank canvas to add any theme or decor you want. The style of the tent will depend on the type of event you plan to host, as well as the number of people you plan on inviting, and how formal the event in question will be. 

Planning a summer party in Colorado

Tents provide a versatile space for any event!

Choosing a Tent Size

It is important to choose the correct tent size for your event. You want the space inside to be big enough to allow your guests to sit and walk around comfortably without feeling too crowded. Consider the number of guests that are coming and the size of the venue. If you’re planning on using more than one table for seating, make sure that guests will have enough room to walk through the area without being blocked by other seated guests.  There should also be enough room in your tent to leave a minimum of 10 feet along the outside of your tent to allow for easy setup and takedown. 

Plan with an Event Rental Company

An event rental company like Colorado Party Rentals can help you find a tent that will suit all of your needs. It can be difficult to picture what kind of tent is right for your party if you’re looking on your own. But a team of professionals will know just what tent model will work for your guest count, theme, and venue space. With our tents, you also have the option of subflooring

Are you searching for the perfect tent to host your event with? Colorado Party Rentals provides quality tent rentals complete with setup and takedown. Contact us today to get started.

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